We Are The #1 Diamond Buyers in New Jersey.

We buy diamonds in New JerseyNew Jersey’s #1 Diamond Buyers!

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and values…We pay you cash for every one.  Sell to us and you could see Thousands in immediate cash.

We strive to offer the highest prices possible on all quality diamonds.

Unfortunately over the past five years many jewelry manufacturers have resorted to using lower and lower quality diamonds in such items as tennis bracelets, earrings, pendants, and cluster rings. They are actually utilizing diamond rough that should be reserved for industrial purposes! Such diamonds are characterized by a cloudy, cottony, or brownish appearance and have no value or resale potential. So please understand that any diamond jewelry that falls under this category will be valued only for its gold content.

With that exception, we carefully examine and grade all diamonds right in front of you and calculate our top cash offer price right on the spot.  We buy from many antique dealers, jewelers, pawnbrokers, and regular folk so you can rely on our trusted name and track record – feeling confident that you will always get the highest price.

Round brilliant diamonds of fine make bring the most money especially GIA, AGS, and IGI certified. Fancy shapes are more difficult to resell due to fluctuating popularity.

Also remember that although diamonds are extremely hard, they are not exempt from chipping. It’s not unusual for diamonds that are worn daily to exhibit some form of damage ranging from slight to massive. Such damage can affect value minimally to major.

Having your diamond inspected and appraised at Earth Treasures will determine the true cash value we can pay for your diamonds.

Selling your diamonds?  Call Earth Treasures in Eatontown NJ for the highest possible cash prices.

What Kind of Diamonds Do We Buy?

  • AGS 000
  • Anniversary bands
  • Antique diamond jewelry
  • Any size diamond .01ct – 10.00ct
  • Baguettes
  • Certified
  • Chipped
  • Diamond studs or single
  • Engagement rings
  • Emerald cuts
  • Eternity bands
  • Fancy colors
  • Filigree jewelry
  • Heart shapes
  • Ideal cuts
  • Loose diamonds
  • Marquise shape
  • Matched pairs
  • Modern cuts
  • Mounted
  • Non-certified
  • Old European cuts
  • Old Mine-cuts
  • Oval shapes
  • Pear shapes
  • Pins & pendants
  • Princess cuts
  • Single cuts
  • Tennis bracelets
  • To sell your diamonds, contact Earth Treasures in Eatontown, New Jersey by calling 732-542-1051 or via email at sales@earth-treasures.com.

    We buy your diamonds in new jersey

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